Recently we were given the opportunity to review a couple of portable hard drives from Toshiba, the STOR.E Canvio and the STOR.E Slim.

During our review process we noticed that both of the products were pretty similar, aside from their design, so we figured it be best just to include them in the same review post, and so we have. Both of the hard drives are for one sized at 500GB and use a USB 3.0 cable in order to establish a fast connection.

On top of that, both of the hard drives also take advantage of Pogoplug’s software, allowing the use to access up to 10GB of cloud storage completely free, as well as allowing them to access their hard drive from anywhere in the word, by using both and internet connection and the Pogoplug software, which means they both also come with one main advantage over other products, they can be used in conjunction with almost any device, and by using the software on something like your iPad, you can access the data stored on the drive as if you had it plugged in.

And once you do have to plug it in, both of the drives will work with Windows XP/ Windows 7 and Windows 8, as well as any Mac running OS X 10.6.6 or above. Of course to gain the full speeds of USB 3.0, you will need a compatible plug on your machine, but don’t worry if you don’t, as like many other USB 3.0 products, both drives will also work with USB 2.0 ports.

STOR.E review 032

There are however a few differences between the two drives, the first and most notable being their size and design.

The STOR.E slim is the smaller of the two (as you would expect given its name), sized at 107mm x 75mm x 9mm and weighing only 125g , it uses a 2.5 inch drive inside that has a max transfer rate of ~ 5.0 Gbs. The slim can also be purchased with a max storage space of 1GB, however we were sent the 500GB version, so that’s the one we will be talking about.

The STOR.E Canvio, is however still quite slim, measuring 111mm×79mm×15mm  and weighing 165g, it’s only a bit thicker and longer, thanks to some extra wrapping around its body. Inside is also pretty similar, also featuring a 2.5 inch drive,  5.0 Gbs max transfer rate, and a max storage space of 1GB. Again we were sent the 500GB version.

STOR.E review 031

The drives are also a little different in terms of design, with the STOR.E slim featuring a sleek, brushed aluminium design that is available in both black and white, it will suit any laptop you might couple with it.

The STOR.E Canvio is a little less conservative, with a plastic body, it can be purchased in a range of colours that includes red, blue, white, black and silver, however in my opinion, the Slim is the better option if you are only thinking about the design, due to its small and lightweight design, that brushes away the usual plastic fake look that you find in most hard drives.

However if you have a laptop with a bit more colour than mine (I have a MacBook Pro, so obviously the aluminium version goes better), than the Canvio might be the better option due to its matching colours.

STOR.E review 033

During our review process we tested both the drives using BlackMagic Design’s Disk Speed Test for Mac, the results of which you can find below.

I should note that you should really only take note of the speeds for these results, due to fact that these or only portable hard drives, the “will it work section” doesn’t really attribute. Alongside this, the Write speed for the Canvio was actually at around a 100MB/s at the highest, it just happened to be at 77.8MB/s when I pressed the screenshot button, due to the software beginning the read process.


DiskSpeedTest store canvio


DiskSpeedTest STORE SLIM

Overall both of these drives are really good options for anyone looking for a new portable drive, add in the fact that they use USB 3.0 and take advantage of the PogoPlug software and you have a better option than some of the other products out there, and at around £50 for the both of them (500GB versions), they’re also available a pretty good deal.

The one you should pick really comes down to personal preference, do you prefer a slim aluminium design, or would you prefer something a little more colourful? It’s really your decision.

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