Typically SSDs are generally the thinner option when installing a new drive in your computer, however Toshiba has today announced a new HDD that is incredibly thin. Designed for use in thin laptops, the drive which has been named the MQ02ABF is just 7mm thin.

And this only becomes a more viable option when you look at the storage capacity available, available in both 759GB and 1TB options, the drive has a pair of platters inside and feature four heads with an average seek time of just 12ms.

Alongside that the drive can also spin at 5490 RPM and uses a standard SATA interface, but is only sized at 69.85 mm x 100 mm x 7.0 mm in and weighs only 99 g.

Currently there’s no news on the hard drives release date or price, however if we do find anything we will update this article.

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