A new handheld projector called the TouchPico has launched on Indiegogo, designed to create a 80 inch interactive touchscreen display on any surface, the projector has already received nearly $250,000 (at the time of writing), way ahead of its $55,000 goal.

In order to work, the projector uses an in-built Android PC that also uses wireless streaming to allow uses to interact with a range of applications that are available on the Google Play store.

It also uses an infrared stylus that will allow you to control the display by touching the projection on the wall.

“TouchPico is magic…well, not really. It is pretty high-tech. Our infrared detection technology tracks the stylus and allows you to control and interact with the image that is projected on any surface at 40 frames per second.”

“The stylus has a tiny infrared emitter. Its signal is captured by the TouchPico’s tiny built-in infrared camera and processed by an image processor to convert it into touch screen coordinates. TouchPico is a portable, handheld gadget for those on the go. It’s slightly heavier than a Samsung S4 phone and just about the same size.”

You can pro-order your own TouchPico by pledging on the Indiegogo website below.

Source: Indiegogo

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