We all have what you might call “wireless deadspots” in the home, places where your wireless router simply doesn’t cut it. TP-LINKs TL-WA850RE has been released to tackle these deadspots and extend the coverage and signal strength of your existing wireless network.

The Universal Range Extender provides 300Mbps wireless N speeds, and is small enough to fit more or less anywhere in the home thanks to the slim, wall mounting design, you simply plug the extender into any plug around the house and set it up.

Set up is extremely easy with two simple methods, the first can be done through the WPS button on your router and the second allows you to set-up the device through your web browser, by connecting to the extender via an ethernet cable or over wireless.


TP_LINK range extender review1


With the 300Mbps wireless 802.11n speeds, the TL-WA850RE is great for video and music streaming as well as online gaming, well that’s according to TP-LINK anyway. However I did find that the device works as well as they suggest and it did indeed extend coverage of wireless within my house, allowing me to use the internet connection in usual “dead zones” around the house such as the toilet (we all do it), or on the other side of the house.

The device has been designed to be plug and play, meaning you can take this more or less anywhere in the house (as long as it can already finds some signal from your router). Say for instance you have a party in the garden, you can simply take the extender to the closest plug near the garden and you will have internet.

As the TL-WA850RE can remember previously paired wireless networks, there’s no need to reset or re-enter settings once you paired with your router.


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On the bottom on the device there’s an Ethernet port, this can be used as a bridge in order to connect a device without wireless capabilities to the internet, you can use this to connect devices like Blu-ray players, games consoles, and internet TVs, sharing the wireless network.

On the front there’s a LED indicator that includes 5 signal lights on one side, used to show the current signal strength that the extender has with your router, helping you to find the best location for the extender.

As is suggested by the name this device is also completely universal and works with all 802.11 b/g/n devices.


TP_LINK range extender review2


The TP-LINK Range Extender is the perfect solution if you are experiencing wireless dead spots within the house, or just want to increase the signal of the internet in the specific room.

And at around £40 it’s extremely affordable, if you want to pick up one we have added a box from Amazon below.

Disclosure: TP-LINK did send us this product to review, however all views and opinions within it are my own.

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