Today TP-Link announced that they will be launching a new set of smart Wi-Fi-controlled bulbs, called the LB100, LB110, and the LB120, they have been designed to take on Philips’ Hue brand.

They work just like any regular bulb, you pop them into a socket and they will light up, however, they are also capable of connecting to your home’s Wi-Fi and then controlled via TP-Link’s smart home application on iOS and Android.

From within this app, you simply log in to your Wi-Fi network, connect the bulb to your phone and you have paired.

You can then rename the bulb, toggle the brightness that it admits, set lighting schemes or moods, and more, from wherever you are. The bulbs will also work alongside the Amazon Echo, allowing you to control them with the Alexa voice assistant, but they don’t do colour changing like Hue.

The LB100 is the cheapest of the bunch, it’s 50-watts and can offer a brightness of 600 lumens for just $20. The LB110 is a 60-watt bulb, but features 800 lumens of brightness for $25.

Both of these bulbs allow you to dim the brightness, set schedules, timers, and countdowns.

The LB120 also allows for these functions, but it can also be tuned from a “soft white (2,700j) to daylight (6,500k)”, allowing you to set a specific running to eliminate blue hues. It offers 800 lumens of brightness and costs $35.

They are available for purchase from a number of retailers now, however, we have yet to hear about UK availability or pricing.

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