AngelRevolutions have released a new service named TradeTill, that will make taking payments with a mobile phone extremely easy, and by allowing users to take real-money card payments via their mobile phone without no hardware costs or setup fees, the service is great for anyone starting up in a new business.

In-fact the entire system can be managed via an existing smartphone, PC or Mac to send, receive and keep track of your mobile payments, all in one place. This allows the seller to take payments face-to-face over the phone or via the web or email easily in the move, which makes it perfect for Tradesmen.

Check out the press release and video below for more information, or if you like you can head over to TradeMill’s website to set-up an account of start a free trial.

[spoiler show=”Show Press Release” hide=”Hide Press Release”]United Kingdom–The mobile phone has changed the world since its booming growth in the late 1990s. Now, thanks to a new innovation from AngelRevolutions, any phone can now become an instant credit card processor.The innovation, hailed TradeTill, is poised to assist the thousands of small business who have been unable to pay for card-processing facilities since the economic downturn.“We’ve taken existing mobile technology and developed a payment solution that any small business can use”, says Barry James, CEO of AngelRevolutions.He continues, “with the result that any business can be up and running, taking real-money card payments in 24 hours or less. This includes start-ups with no credit rating or previous trust record.”The system could also open the floodgates for a new wave of startup businesses that have had their inception hampered by their inability to afford traditional card processing technology. With TradeTill requiring no special equipment, merchant bank accounts or payment gateways, the entire system can be operated using an existing phone and internet connection.

Coupled with no hardware costs and no setup fees, TradeTill presents the payment opportunity that the small business sector has been demanding.

The technology uses PayPal as its payment processor; providing customers with the company’s globally-trusted security and fraud prevention systems. Like PayPal, money appears in merchant’s accounts instantly, with no cross-border fees.

“TradeTill is flexible enough to take payments face-to-face, over the phone and via web or email, yet takes moments to set up,even with eachcompany’s own branding, logo and livery. However, it’s more secure than the previous generation as the customer is the only one who has to handle card details,” James adds.

TradeTill is compatible with iPhones and Android, as well as any mobile device with internet access. For more details, please visit:



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