One of the biggest inventions of the last few years was the unveiling of Apple’s Thunderbolt interface which allows users with compatible computers to access super speedy devices. One of these new Thunderbolt devices is Transcend’s StoreJet 300 drive for the Mac, which not is not only equipped with the Thunderbolt interface, but also the Usb 3.0 interface, which means it will work with pretty much any Macintosh device around.

This means that the SJM300 portable hard drive can deliver unparalleled transfer rates of up to 10GB/s, which is huge compared to the 20MB/s speeds of USB 2.0, or the 5GB/s speeds of USB 3.0. However as all of these are compatible with the SJM300 users get the option of all three.


JHS8HFJhj (5 of 5)In terms of storage the StoreJet 300 portable hard drive has a storage space of up to 2TB, allowing users to save up to 512 hours of Full HD video, over 32,000 hours of digital music, or 960,000+ high-resolution images.

On top of this the SJM300 has been designed specifically for the Mac, and that means it has been natively formatted in HFS+ and even fully supports the Mac’s Time Machine software.

it also features an internal hard drive suspension system to provide the drive with some extra protection. The outside the drive has also been designed with a high-quality metallic design that protects it from the outside world whilst making sure it always looks great next to your Mac or Macbook.

On top of all of this the SJM300 fully supports Transcend’s Elite software which allows users to manage their data and increase their productivity with a number of apps that help keep your files organised, protected and up-to-date.

With the drive you get all the necessary cables including a Thunderbolt and USB 3.0 cable and a nice carry case.

DiskSpeedTest- StoreJet 300In terms of design the drive measures just 125.9mm x 78.2mm x 17.2 mm and weighs only 240 grams, meaning that it can be popped into more or less any packet and took with you on the go.

In our testing of the device we found that it ran extremely quick, to test the StoreJet 300 we transferred over a 3.5GB file to the drive and that took just under 26 seconds to complete when using a Thunderbolt connection, which is pretty darn quick but definitely expected.

However this didn’t seem to show when we benchmarked the drive with Blackmagicdesign’s Disk Speed test software on the Mac when using a Thunderbolt connection, from which we found that the drive only achieved read speeds of around 130MB/s and write speeds also at around 130MB/s, which is an okay number but if the drive had an SSD instead of a SATA drive it could definitely achieve speeds that are much more exciting.

All in all however the Transcend StoreJet 300 is a pretty good drive, it looks great with its metallic design that complements the Mac greatly, its also pretty lightweight and extremely slim, and to top it all off it also comes with a neat case that can protect it from scratches when in a bag. It does however have the same problem as the Transcend drive that we reviewed a short time ago, and that is that the light on the front is incredibly bright, if that’s a problem for you then it’s something that you should note.

You can find out more about the Transcend StoreJet 300 at Transcend’s website here and if you link it you can pick up the drive from Amazon for around £170.

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