The iPhone already has a pretty good camera, and a lot of people already use it for many of their photography needs. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t without its issues, without the ability to add any lenses or accessories, it is limited to what Apple has already provided.

[alert type=blue ]Update: The Helium Core was successful on Kickstarter with over $40,000 in backing from 290 backers, it is now in productions and you can pick one up in gray or black from Helium Cine’s website today. The rest of this article was published on 26 Apr 2016.[/alert]

A new Kickstarter project has this week been launched to change this, called Helium Core, it is a compact aluminium chassis that can be fitted onto the iPhone and used to add your own lenses, filters and accessories to the iPhone.

This means that you can expand the iPhone’s capabilities with flashes, light, microphones and more, expanding the possibilities of the iPhone’s camera.

The Helium Core also features an ergonomic grip, with multiple mounting points for a tripod. But even with all of this, it is still said to allow you to easily access the display, switches, jacks and ports on the phone.

This makes the iPhone a viable option for anyone that might want to use it for filmmaking, photography or live streaming, featuring a durable design that should make it good for pretty much any situation.

Helium Core is currently looking for $30,000 in funding to get into production.

To achieve this goal they will be offering backers their own Helium Core iPhone enclosure for pledges from $93 or more.

Check it out at the source link.

Source: Kickstarter

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