Riding a normal bike is boring, tiring and no longer needed, as the world moves to electric, your bike probably should too.

However, at the moment, the only viable options to do this are either buying you own electric bike or fitting some hard to install attachment to your bike, well aside from something that GeoOrbital revealed today.

Called the GeoOrbital Wheel, it is said to be capable of fitting onto pretty much any bike, and is a fully contained electric update that GeoOrbital say can be fitted in less than 60 seconds. To do so, you simply replace your current bike’s wheel spokes with the triangular housing of the GeoOrbital wheel.


It is powered by a 500W Brushless DC motor that is combined with a Panasonic 36V Lithium-Ion battery. According to the company, it is capable of travelling around 30 miles from a single charge, or up to 50 miles with pedal assistance enabled. Additional batteries can also be used to extend this time.

Either way, the bike is capable of doing 0-20mph in just 6 seconds.

GeoOrbital has already over-achieved its $75,000 goal on the Kickstarter platform, so its production is now confirmed, however, you can still pledge to the project to grab a wheel for from $649 (at the time of writing).

Check it out at the source link below.

Source: Kickstarter

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