Transformers have been around since 1984 with many new series following, the franchise is iconic and still as popular as ever with the new generation. To accompany these series there are hundreds of action figures for each of the characters, however there is one problem with them, they do not transform on their own. For those of you who have been waiting for your own mini Transformer, your wait may be finally over. A robotics expert from Japan has managed to build the world’s first working Transformer. Kenshi Ishida from Kashiwa is the man behind this awesome creation, modifying a remote control car to transform into a robot at the click of a button.

Unfortunately there are only 10 models available at the moment as he is making a limited stock. The model named Transform Robot Version 7.2 as it is not endorsed by Hasbro in any way has come out at the perfect time, just a month before Christmas, likely to make a very lucky few extremely happy when they find this under their tree. We are hoping that soon this product will be mass-produced much like the other action figures available bringing a new era of action figures on the market.

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