A few months ago TRENDnet released what they claimed to be the world’s smallest powerline adapters, the TPL-406e 500Mbps Compact Powerlne AV Adapter Kit.

We recently received a sample product of the TPL-406e for review here on the site and I have to say this thing is defiantly small, in fact it is 50% smaller than the average adapter of the same speed, which is damn small.

The adapter itself works like many powerline adapters allowing you to wirelessly transmit your internet connection by simply connecting one of the adapters to your router and the other to your PC, laptop, games console, TV or anything else you wish to access the internet on, saving you from buying wires long enough to reach the other end of you house.

These connect to each other more or less simultaneously, allowing for one of the easiest set-ups I have ever participated in. All you have to do is plug them in and your ready to go, no drivers needed.

Now that is true plug and play.

One of the best things about the adapter is how secure it is, which is a huge problem around any household today the TPL-406e tackles this with 128-Bit AES Encryption which can be reset at any time by simply pressing the sync button on the bottom of the device.

With all of those features you would think this thing would be extremely power-hungry, well it isn’t thanks to a Power Save mode which reduces the devices power consumption by up to 80%, a great selling point for the device.

If you have a big house you can also use this device in conjunction with 8 other adapters to spread your internet connection even further around the house without the need of any extra cabling, and even with all of those connections you won’t find too much lag on your end as the device will prioritise video, audio and online gaming connections making sure you get the best connection where you need it.

During the couple of weeks i had this product for testing I didn’t find any problems with connections at all, I actual find it to come in extreme use as I have this one dead spot in my house which can sometimes be a real annoyance, but with this I can finally get a good connection.

You can pick up the TPL-406e Powerline Adapter for various stores around the UK and in U.S. here in the UK priced at around £40, in the U.S>you can pick it up for about the same but in dollars, (I know it’s both annoying and weird.)

This product was sent to us by TRENDnet for review purposes but all views and opinions within our my own.

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