Triggertrap which was first funded on the crowd-funding site, Kickstarter has today unveiled that it is launching a new Android application, which new allows users of the platform to control their SLR camera from their smartphone.

Up to now the accessory was only available to iOS users, allowing them to trigger features on their camera remotely, with the new application comes some new features, including eight new modes ranging from timelapse and long-exposure HDR modes.

The timelapse modes include Eased and Bulb Ramping timelapses, that allow to user to create a film that should last hours in a few minutes.

In order to use the application however, you do need one of the dongles that are available, the newest of which is the Triggertra Mobile Dongle V2, that was unveiled at this years Photokina event and will work with both iOS and Android devices with over 280 different cameras.

Alongside that there’s also a new slimline plug that allows the dongle to be used with smartphone cases, and is also faster than V1, available now the Triggertrap mobile dongle is available for £19 and includes a camera connection cable.

The iOS application is available in both free and paid versions, the paid version costs £6.99 and includes thirteen different modes to the free version.

The Android app will however cost £2.99 but does require a phone running on Android 2.3 Gingerbread or higher alongside the dongle

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