Triggertrap have just announced that they will be launching a new wireless module to control your DSLR over a Wi-Fi network, something I was actually hoping for when writing the review on the previous cable (you can check that out here,) the new Trigertrap Mobile will work much like the previous device just that your iPhone/ iPod Touch/ iPad (well kind of), won’t have to be right next to the camera whilst you do it, which I previous thought kinda defeated the object of the cable in the first place.

The new cable will now allow photographers to trigger their camera via a Wi-Fi enabled device just by using the Triggertrap Dongle and application, available on both iOS and Android.

The new dongle, as mentioned before, can be used very similar y to the previous one, with various features previously not accessible on a dslr available through the app itself, these include timelapses, sensor controls, facial recognition, HDR capture modes, Distance Lapse, Motion Detection Mode and a Star Trail Mode.

The premium Triggertrap app will set you back £2.99 on the iTunes App Store and Google Play, where it will be available for download from today, to go with it the Triggertrap Mobile Dongle can also be purchased for £15.80, whilst the Dongle and Cable Set is available for £24.99 which is frankly very cheap for this type of product.

You can find out more at the source link below or you can check out our review of the Triggertrap Mobile here.

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