If you don’t like wires then you probably already use wireless headphones, but do you use wireless earphones?

Well if you are thinking about getting into wireless earphones then you might find this Kickstarter project interesting, called Truu, it is “the world’s first wirelessly charged earbud” according to the company.

This makes it easy to not only listen to music (thanks to the lack of wires), but also easy to charge, simply pop them on their pad and you’re good to go.

This all results in a package that is without any kind of wires, charging cases or even charging cables. They work by using grade N52-magnets, which activate the earbuds when separated, they also make popping them on the charger easier, thanks to the other magnets that are featured on the charging dock.

In terms of specs, the Truu earbuds have an 18-22 000 Hz frequency range, 105 dB SPL +- 2dB sensitivity, 25 Ohm  impedance, Bluetooth 4.1 connectivity and a battery that is said to last up to 15 hours from mono play.

Truu also comes equipped with Comply’s foam tips, which they say should result in better performance than other tips, ending with a better fit.

Check out the project at the source link, they are looking for €50,000 in funding to get into production, to get to which they are offering backers their own earbuds for pledges from €150.

Source: Kickstarter

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