When we first started TechNuty we found it hard to find the right host for what we wanted, moving from host to host, we finally settled on a UK-based company called Tsohost. two years later and were still completely happy with them, and honestly, we wouldn’t switch even if the data center was about to burn down (we have backups 🙂 ).

And were sure were not the only ones who feel this way about the hosting company, who are today celebrating their 10th birthday.

Started in 2003 with a tiny £300 in their pockets, Tsohost quickly became one of the best (and cheapest) hosting providers in the UK, offering great uptime, performance and quality of service to the masses, Tsohost is loved by a ton of webmasters across the country, and even the world.

Today Tsohost is a team of 53, expanding from the original 4 directors, Tsohost is still expanding on a day-to-day basis, and is sure to become something huge in years to come.

All-in-all however, we would just like to say Happy Birthday from all the team here at TechNutty, and we hope you stick around for many more years to come, simply cannot take finding a new host once more.

(P.S. If you do fancy a great host in the UK, check out Tsohost’s website here.)

Image Via: Tsohost Blog

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