Tumblr has this week announced that it will be adding new instant messaging features to the service, which is now available for all Tumblr users to access.

It’s a pretty bare bones at the moment, with only a few basic features to access, but it does at least has threaded conversations.

This will all be enabled when a friend who has it message you, with only a select few users getting access to the messaging feature for now, however Tumblr say that everyone will receive it in the next few weeks.

Tumblr explains is a little more about today’s announcement :

Check out your dashboard for a little smiley balloon icon (if you’re using the app, be sure that you’ve updated to the latest version first). Click it to send a message to anyone. Your recipient will automagically get the messaging feature, along with your witty and uplifting message.

Not seeing the new icon? Have no fear, messaging will launch for everybody after a few weeks, giving us time to work out the kinks. Once you have messaging, you’ll notice that fan mail has changed a bit. Old fan mail conversations can keep kicking, but you’ll need to use messaging for initiating outgoing gems.

You can find out more about the new Instant Messaging feature at the source link below.

Source: Tumblr

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