It’s likely that you have a spare old smartphone sitting around the house, and that leaves you with a problem. What do you do with that old smartphone that isn’t simply throwing it in the bin?

Well a new Kickstarter project called Rico thinks that it may have the answer you need.

Designed to transform any old smartphone into a smart home accessory, Rico can be used to monitor various functions from around the house, using a range of different sensors, Rico can be used to view the humidity, temperature, air quality and even carbon monoxide levels even when you are out of the home.

It does this via a WiFi and 3G connection, which allows it to communicate to your current smartphone and deliver the results of these measurements to an included app. Rico can also send various critical alerts to your smartphone via a push notification to let you know the important stuff when it happens.

And that’s not all Rico can do, it also has a HD camera, microphone and a motion sensor, allowing it to be used as a home security device too.

Oh and it will even work with a number of smart sockets too, allowing users to control things like the kettle or TV right from the app and even control when these items are off or on.

You can have a quick look at Rico by watching the video above, you can also find out more and even pledge to grab your own Rico at the source link.

Source: Kickstarter (Rico)

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