The next generation is now the current generation, and this brings a few problems to previous console owners, mainly figuring out what to do with all of their previous accessories, thankfully some companies have announced an upgrade program for their old accessories, well Turtle Beach has anyway, revealing that it will be providing customers who have purchased a headset for the Xbox 360 with a kit that will make it compatible with the Xbox One.

Customers who have purchased the Turtle Beach Ear Force XP SEVEN, X42, XP4 or the XP510 between November 22nd 2013 and January 20th 2014 will be shipped a kit free of charge between March 1st 2014 and June 30th 2014, which means although you will be able to use your headset with the Xbox One, you will have to wait some time to do so.

Turtle Beach say that, “The compatibility kit includes a Microsoft proprietary audio control unit that connects to the Xbox One controller via the controller’s expansion port. The unit makes volume, game-chat audio mix, and mute controls easy to access while playing. The control unit also passes audio through to the headset. The kit also includes a cable that connects the headset to the control unit for chat audio.”

Source: Turtle Beach

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