Yup that’s right there’s now a HiRise for the MacBook, not to be outdone by the mStand by Rain Design, the new HiRise has been designed to elevate 11 and 15 inches from the bottom of the table, the stand is a polished aluminum that will defiantly match your unibody MacBook, alongside which the stand has been designed to reduce neck strain when using your laptop from a desk.

There’s not really much to say about it if I’m honest, the best way to figure out what the stand is like is by checking out some of the pictures and information at the link below, I will say however this is not a stand for travel weighing 1.75 grams it’s not going to be one you can simply drop into your bag, not sure why you would want to but just putting that out there.

Also the HiRise for MacBook will cost $69.99, not sure the UK pricing or even if it will launch in the UK but I will update this if I find out.

Source: Twelve South

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