You may remember the original BackPack from TwelveSouth for being a pretty cool way of tucking away any unwanted items on your desk behind your iMac or Apple display, this could range all the way from your hard drive to various USBs and cables.

TwelveSouth have now updated the BackPack with the release of BackPack 2, which brings along with it some even cooler ability’s for storing tech behind your monitor.

The next-gen BackPack mounts to your Mac more or less the same way as the original, by clipping onto the support bar of the iMac or Apple Display, it can then be adjusted however you like, it can also be fitted onto the front of the display or the back, depending on your preference.

The coolest part of the new BackPack however is the addition of two more support pegs which can be used to store things vertically behind your display, such as a MacBook Air or even your Mac Mini, you can also add two shelves, one for your Mac and another for anything else you would like to store on the device.

The BackPack 2 will set you back $35, head over to TwelveSouth’s site for more information.

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