A big problem that faces most live streamers is what to use, threatened with their past recordings being muted for copyright infringement, many don’t know what music they should be using during their streams, or what they should not be using.

In order to solve this Twitch has today announced a new music library service for its broadcasters that will allow them to use a select of royalty free music within their streams.

The list of free tracks from a number of artists will be available to use in live broadcasts and videos.

Here’s a statement from Twitch explaining the launch:

“Our commitment to gaming remains unchanged. Music on Twitch does not come at the expense of all the awesome gaming channels and events we support. We are pursuing this expansion because we think bringing artists, producers, and labels together with gamers will make both even better. Demonstrating that gamers are valuable to music artists and labels is important for the future growth of Twitch and the larger gaming industry.”

You can find out more details about the new Twitch Music Library at the link below.

Source Twitch

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