Today Twitch revealed the release of something a little strange, the update of their homepage to become their own social network page.

This new social network has been named Pulse, which will allow streamers and viewers on Twitch to post updates that will show up with a Twitter-esk newsfeed that will include clips from streams, YouTube videos, links, photos, and text messages.

This comes after Twitch rolled out their Channel Feed feature back in march, which allowed streamers to post updates to their own pages, Pulse puts all of this in one spot.

However, Channel Feed hasn’t rolled out to everyone just yet. It will roll out to all streamers in mid-March.

Before then, you will begin to notice the Pulse feed on your Twitch homepage from today in achronological order, however, it will take up to a few weeks until it will show up on every user’s account.

Streamers will be able to post updates via the Broadcaster Dashboard or Channel Feed to integrate with this, and viewers can react and post messages to these via the Pulse front page.

Editors and moderators will be able to delete any comments that have been made on their channels.

Check out the video below for a quick look.

Source: Twitch

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