The video game streaming service Twitch has today announced its new plans to grow as a source of live stream, launching a dedicated landing page that will allow anyone to stream arts, crafts and music content.

Twitch aims to use this to improve discovery for streams that are focused on these kind of activities and thus increase their video views.

Twitch says that this is a response to what the community has reacted to, stating that creative content has been growing at 40 per cent month-over-month on the service, with around 100,000 broadcasters publishing creative videos on the service, and 2 million people watching it on a monthly basis.

Twitch think they can expand that by providing better exposure to its 100 million monthly visitors.

The new Twitch Creative section will be viewable both on the web and on mobile, featuring its own directory and carousel to highlight the most interesting content in the category.

Broadcasters will also be able to hashtag their titles, and Twitch has hired Kyle  “MonkeyOnStrike” Reddington to run the community.

You can grab a quick view of the new dedicated page at the source link below.

Source: Twitch

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