One of the biggest problems with live streaming is delay, it’s something that we all face no matter the stream you are watching.

Twitch is one of the first companies to try to take this problem on with a new feature for Twitch Partners that will supposedly reduce streaming delays that happen because of Twitch’s compulsory 30 second delay on all streams, which was implemented some time ago to reduce server load.

They have fixed this with a new reduced delay option that they say will reduce the delay by an average of 33%.

t does however come at a cost, and could mean that some viewers will experience changes in playback with shorter, more frequent buffering times.

Twitch explains:

“Tomorrow, May 14, we will be releasing an option to reduce the delay experienced during a broadcast by an average of 33%! You will find the reduced delay option in your Settings page.  

??If you regularly interact with your fans in chat, we encourage you to help us test this feature. With reduced delay, you’ll spend less time waiting for replies and more time engaging with your community. You can opt-in at any time, but reduced delay must be turned on prior to the beginning of a broadcast in order to take effect. ??Please note that this feature is in beta while we measure its impact. It’s important to know that reduced delay does come at a small quality of service cost – particularly to viewers with poor internet connections. 

Some viewers may experience changes in playback, with shorter, more frequent buffering times. Because less video is queued on a viewer’s computer, they will be more susceptible to variations in download bandwidth, and may experience more interruptions in service while video buffers. Rather than require every channel to switch to the reduced delay option, we’re leaving it up to you to decide what is best for you and your community.”

Source: Twitch

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