The internet can be a strange place to be at some points, and whenever people can chat anonymously, you are bound to see some trouble, this is a problem that a lot of services are trying to deal with, from our own site all the way up to YouTube.

One of the worst places for this is currently Twitch chats, but that might not be the case in the future. This is because Twitch is attempting to fix this with the launch of a new tool called AutoMod.

AutoMod is basically Twitch’s own version of Moobot and is a tool that streamers can use to set up automated filters and word recognition to help them clean up the comments that they don’t want to be in their chats.

Twitch streamers can set this up right from the Twitch settings page, after which it will automatically filter out set words and even attempts to otherwise write that word.

Twitch said the following about it:

AutoMod is a unique moderation tool that does more than filter inappropriate chat. When a user sends a message that AutoMod flags as potentially inappropriate, the message is held in a publishing queue awaiting moderator approval. AutoMod also enables broadcasters to adjust the degree of filtering in the event they are more or less conservative about the type of dialogue they want to see in their chat. Beyond identifying inappropriate words and phrases, AutoMod can detect potentially inappropriate strings of emotes and other characters or symbols that others could use to evade filtering.

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