persistent-playerTwitch has today rolled out a new update for its mobile application which adds a new persistent player for its mobile users, allowing users of the app to multitask within the app whilst watching content.

Basically the new update allows you to simultaneously watch video on the app and browse for other content at the same whilst on your mobile device.

The new update will be rolled out on both Android and iOS devices however Android users will get a bonus feature within the app that has not been included in the iOS app, this is an Audio Only mode, which allows Android users to listen to streams while their phone or tablet is locked or if the application is in the background.

To activate this feature for the Android device simply tap “Video Options” within the Twitch video player and then select on for the Audio Only Mode, which can then be controlled outside of the app via the notifications panel.

The new Twitch app is now available to download on iOS and Android for free, you will need Android 4.3 or higher to use the persistent player function on Android however.

Source: Twitch

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