Twitch announced the addition of Cheering back in June, which allows viewers to send tips to their favourite streamers via an animated emote called a “bit”.

16snjpuz_pf0nudtubbb2kwBasically, you purchase some bits and then send emotes to the streamer, the streamer can then collect the income for these bits later.

Currently, bits cost $1,40 for 100 emotes in the US, and that might be too much for some of you.

if it is too much for you, then you might be interested in the news that Twitch revealed earlier today.

This news is that Twitch will allow viewers to send Cheers to streamers without having to pay anything.

Of course there is a catch, you are going to have to watch some ads in exchange. Twitch explained more about it with the following:

“We’ve started rolling out a new way for Twitch viewers in the US to get Bits for activity on Twitch without spending cash. In this case, the activity is watching a 30-second interactive ad.”

To stop viewers taking advantage of such a system, Twitch has also put a limit on the amount of ads that they can view in a day.

Source: Twitch Blog

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