Twitch has today announced its plans to replace Adobe’s Flash, coming after news of huge security flaws within the Flash software.

To tackle these problems Twitch intends to replace Flash with HTML5, with the streaming site today announcing on their blog that they will be beginning a roll out of the new HTML5 player from today.

The complete player is not ready yet, with the main part still relying on the Flash software, however Twitch has moved the controls of the video player to HTML5.

Twitch explains more:

Today’s redesign moves half of the video player – specifically the controls – from Flash to HTML5 and Javascript. The video itself is still in Flash underneath the controls. However, this is an important step to releasing the much-anticipated full HTML5 player.

You’ll begin to see the new player on channel pages first. As previously mentioned, this is a gradual roll out. If you are not part of our initial pool of users, please be patient as we release the redesigned player at a steady pace.

You can find out more details about the upcoming roll out of the HTML5 player at the source link below, you should see a roll out of the player over time soon.

Source Twitch Blog

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