Twitter has just implemented a new unimaginatively named symbol that allows Twitterers to search for information about specific stock markets and companies within any given Tweet.

The new cashtag can be placed anywhere in a tweet, in order to reference a company’s stock information, pretty much the same as Hashtags but for tweets.

The only problem is that this means there are now two references for the same thing, $Apple and $AAPL, which is because this feature has already been launched by StockTwits, who do more or less the same thing as Twitter has just launched.

StockTwits said this about what they call a ‘hijacking’:

“It’s interesting that Twitter has hijacked our creation of $TICKER ie. $AAPL. It only took four years to ‘fill‘ this hole, though a few months back they told me in a detailed email it was not a hole they wanted to fill.

You can hijack a plane but it does not mean you know how to fly it.”

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Via [Howard Lindzon Blog]

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