For some time now Twitter and other services like Facebook have been criticised over how the handle the storage on your device.

Today Twitter made some changes specifically to the iOS version of their app, allowing users to managed the storage that they take up with the cached data on your phone.

With this new update, Twitter has added an explanation of the cached data that they are storing, along with a way to remove it.

To do this, simply head into the Twitter app, tap the “Me” tab in the bottom right corner, and tap the settings gear icon near the top. From there, tap the “Settings” option and look for the new “Storage” category under the “General” heading.

You should now see a breakdown of what type of information Twitter has cached on your device. For me, the data is broken down into two categories: Media Storage and Web Storage. The former takes up the most space, while the latter is rather miniscule. You can tap on either of the categories to clear the cache and regain some of your device’s internal storage.

You can check it out by downloading the latest Twitter update today.

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