A lot of people use Twitter to get customer service from companies and Twitter knows that.

Today, the social network announced a new update to its service to make offering customer service to customers easier for businesses to offer on the platform, with the effort of speeding up the response times on the platform, as well as giving businesses more options to use.

With this, Twitter is rolling out new features like quick replies and welcome messages for the Direct Message functionality on the platform.

With this, Twitter reportedly want to “help businesses create rich, responsive, full-service experiences”.

Welcome messages can be used to greet new users when they open a DM, which you can use to link them to another chat form, or just say hello, you can also create multiple versions of this message, and add links to tweets, websites, and apps in them.

There’s also a quick reply feature, that will allow you to automatically direct users to specific options for asking things, with links to things like an existing support ticket.

You can check out the new DM Welcome Message feature via Twitter’s support settings page today, however, for the deeper integrations you will need developer APIs.

To get those APIs you will need to apply for private beta access here.

Source: Twitter

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