Twitter has today launched a new sign-in service called Digits, designed for developers who want to remove the password from their application and replace it with a new mobile based version.

The service was first announced at Twitter’s first annual developer conference Flight, at which point the tool was revealed to be a system that will allow users to sign up and log into applications with just their phone number rather than trying to remember a password and username.

To do this securely, Digits uses SMS to control who accesses your account and safeguard it from attackers by using Twitter’s infrastructure, at point of login the apps will verify the users phone number with an SMS-based confirmation code, which is similar to the two-step verification process, but geared towards the mobile.

The Digits tool will launch today in around 200 countries with support for around 28 languages.

To use the tools developers only have to add a few lines of code in their applications, meaning that it could theoretically be added to a large number of applications very soon.

In fact the Digits website is already stating to list apps like Fitstar, Resy one OneFootball.

Source: Digits

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