Meerkat recently took the top downloads page on the app store by storm, offering its users a new way to socialise via live streaming, however just 8 weeks after its launch twitter has decided to take a piece of that market for itself with a new app called Periscope.

The app is said to have been a year in the making, and allows iOS users to live stream content over the internet, during which time the streams can be viewed from a browser by anyone, it’s more or less the same idea as Twitch but on your mobile.

Twitter also revealed that an Android version of the app should be launching soon. But before that time only iOS users will be able to use the app.

So what makes it different from Meerkat?

Well not that much really, aside from it being backed by Twitter (which is a huge advantage), it’s only real diffracting feature is the ability to reply a live stream, something which Meerkat doesn’t have the ability to allow just yet. The app will also allow user to heart live streams if they enjoy them by tapping once for one heart, or twice for two hearts. The hearts then appear on the stream, and after a certain amount of hearts the icon will animate to celebrate.

On top of that it’s also already in use, currently up in space with the astronaut Christ Hadfield, who is making his own live broadcasts from the space station, however Meerkat has already gained a huge amount of the market, stating that it is currently growing its user base by as much as 30% per day.

The thing that will really make Pericope a success is if it was fully integrated into the Twitter application, however for now that is just a dream.

Until that happens you can find out more and download the app from the source link below.

Source: iTunes App Store

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