Earlier today Twitter announced that they will finally be adding 360-degree video support on their platform.

With the support, viewers will be able to interact with live 360-degree videos on both the Periscope and Twitter platform, in real time.

Users will also be able to watch recordings of those clips after the fact, such as with the clip below.

Twitter explained the news with the following:

Starting today, you can check out live, interactive 360 videos from interesting broadcasters and explore what’s happening with them. You’ll be able to get an inside look with well-known personalities and go behind the scenes at exclusive events.

When you see a video marked with a LIVE 360 badge, you can interact with it to change what you see by moving your phone or swiping the screen – all while watching live. See what’s unfolding behind, above, or below the broadcaster’s view for an immersive experience.

Source: Twitter

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