According to the Mashable assistant features editor, Matt Petronzio, Twitter is testing a new profile redesign that looks a little bit like a mix of Pinterest and Google+.

The editor first seen the update on his Twitter profile on Tuesday, mentioning that the profile picture and bio had been scaled to the left, as well as added a new larger space for the header profile, as well as a new focus on photos with the addition of content cards.

The update also apparently moves away from the current vertical timeline to a new Pinterest mixed layout.

Under the header photo, the test also shows a count for the users tweets, photos/ videos, followers, following, favourites and links.

Twitter will often test new designs however, and the last one was tested for some time, so it might be a while till we see the new design in the wild, or ever see it for that matter, Twitter has declined to comment on the new profile.

Source: Mashable

[Update: The YouTube user, tecnonetblog has since posted a YouTube video showing the design, check it out below.]

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