Twitter has been building upon their livestreaming platform for some time now, increasing the amount of content that they are offering on the platform over time to create a source that mixes Twitter’s natural ability at getting news out there with live video.

Today, Twitter announced that they will be expanding this livestreaming content into the eSports arena, revealing that they have reached deals to stream the upcoming ESL and DreamHack tournaments.

As part of the deals, the social network will stream ESL One, DreamHack, and the Intel Extreme Masters tournaments over the course of 2017.

ESL will also be creating original content for Twitter, including an exclusive half-hour show that will cover highlights from the competition, with behind-the-scenes stories.

The first tournament to be featured on the service will be Intel Extreme Masters Katowice, which will start on March 4th.

This could provide Twitter with an increased viewership with eSports viewers, however, they will have to compete directly with services such as Twitch to do so, so this could be hard of course, requiring them to change the habits of viewers, and provide services that meet up to Twitch’s.

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