Twitter has this week published its year in review, showing off which tweets, hashtags and even emoji were the most popular on the network during the course of this year.


The most popular Emoji of 2015

The most popular Emoji of 2015

Some of the top trends included #OneDirection for music #KCA (Kids Choice Awards) for TV, #iPad for the tech category and #ArianaGrande for stars, all of which took the top spot for their category.

Also amongst the top trends were a number of world news events like #PrayForParis and #ISIS.

Obviously we cannot forget the massive #TheDress trend, was it really blue and black, or was it white and gold? No one really knows but that didn’t stop a number of Twitter users joining in the debate.

Of course there are many more trends that went on in 2015, with a number of trends surrounding national elections in Argentina, Canada, Singapore, India and the UK.

Here’s Twitter’s full roundup video:

Source: Twitter Top Trends

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