Apple had One More Thing during their iPhone event today, and it’s a big one.

It’s called the iPhone X and is pretty much exactly what we have seen from rumours over the last month, featuring that new design and display that simply looks amazing.

It features Apple’s new Super Retina Display, which is 5.2-inches and features a 2436 x 1125 pixel resolution. All with OLED technology inbuilt, resulting in fantastic contrast and a new high resolution. Apple also says that it is brighter, with HDR compatibility, Dolby Vision, HDR10.

And to top that off, the display also integrates true tone.

However, that new edge-to-edge display does mean that there isn’t a home button anymore. Instead, you swipe up from the bottom of the home screen to go home, in all apps.

You can also swipe from the bottom and hold in order to bring up the multitasking menu, and to bring up Siri, you can now press the side button, or simply talk to your phone with a ‘Hey Siri’ command as usual. And on top of all of that, as rumoured, the iPhone X will also come with something that Apple is calling ‘Face ID’.

As the name suggests, this unlocks your smartphone with your face via the ‘True Depth Smart System’ on the front of the display, which features a number of sensors, a camera, and an illuminating projector that allows it to capture your face in the dark.

And of course, that’s not all.

The smartphone also features an A11 Bionic chip with a brand new neural engine, that will enable the device to complete a set of machine learning algorithms, such as unlocking your phone with your face.

And interestingly, this Face ID detection will also learn how to recognise your face even as it changes, or if you are wearing something on top of your face, such as a scarf or hat, and all on your iPhone X, not to a server somewhere.

And Face ID will also work alongside Apple Pay and other third-party apps, so you can make strange faces while you are trying to buy that meal deal at Tesco.

That top camera section will also work alongside other features than just Face ID, with a new feature that Apple is called Animoji, which are animated emoji that you can control the movement of with your face within Apple Messages, which is a bit strange, to be honest.

Apple also mentioned that the iPhone X will feature a battery that is two hours longer lasting than the iPhone 7 and that it will support the same Qi wirless charging as the iPhone 8.

The Apple iPhone X will be available in 64GB and 256GB storage options, and as expected, it won’t be cheap. Prices will start at $999, you can order one from 27 October, with shipping starting 3 November.

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