20 years ago Neil Papworth sent the first text aged just 22 via his computer to a Orbitel 901 handset, the message which shortly after became a common occurence simply read, “Merry Christmas” which is quite fitting for the time of year.

In order to celebrate Ofcom conducted some new reasearch into the history of the text message, which found that over 150 billion text messages had been sent in 2011, which is a ton when compared to the 51 billion texts sent in 2006.

Within some clever maths Ofcom then went onto conclude that this means each Brit send an average of 50 text messages a week.

However it’s not all great numbers as in the first half of 2012 Ofcom actually found a quarterly decline in the amount of messages sent, which Ofcom has put down to the introduction of new social networking and instant messaging service available on smartphones, such as Facebook, BBM or even Live Messenger, not so sure on that last one however.

But all in all txting is defiantly something us Brits or anyone else around the world would probably die without so to conclude, Happy Birthday Txt Msging 🙂

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