Recently Uber has faced some controversy in the UK, with the LTDA protests against the service leading to major gridlocks across London. Now the service is facing more controversy, but this time in the US after three passengers in an Uber black cab reported that they were taken hostage in a recent “high-speed chase across state lines,” in Washington DC.

The chase started when Ryan Simonetti and two of his colleagues ordered a vehicle, hoped into the taxi and then quickly found that their ride was not what they expected, escalating into a chase between their taxi driver and a DC taxi inspector.

Before the passengers hoped into their ride, the official was talking to the driver, but just as they got into the taxi the driver quickly took off and even ran a red light to get away from the inspector, who had his police lights on at the time.

Simonetti said that the following chase then went onto last between 8 – 10 minutes, but after a mix of being threatened by his hostages, and getting blocked by the taxi inspector, the driver eventually let his passengers out of the vehicle.

Shortly after this, the driver quickly took back off again, and eventually made his escape.

Police weren’t able to follow the driver due to a 30 minute disruption of the city’s emergency communications system, and still won’t be able to after as Uber are refusing to give officials the name of driver due to its privacy policy.

Shortly after, Uber gave the following statement to The Verge: “Rider safety is our No. 1 priority, we will cooperate with authorities in their investigation and have deactivated the driver pending the outcome.”

Via: The Verge

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