When the LTDA announced that they will be protesting against Uber‘s offerings in London Uber didn’t provide a comment, but finally after a short period of time Uber has released a blog post responding to the protest.

“There has been a lot of discussion of late about London’s transportation ecosystem – and the revolutionary way Uber is delivering more and better options to Londoners. With so much chatter about us, we thought it was about time to jump in and clarify a few things.” Uber explained in its post earlier today.

“After all, transparency is a top priority for Uber. Firstly, Uber puts consumer choice and driver opportunity at the forefront. We strongly believe in competition as it benefits consumers and drivers alike. It gives consumers more choice, and drivers better futures. London cabbies are iconic – arguably the best taxis in the world. However, there is room for all and there is room for more and better. We are bringing competition to an industry that hasn’t evolved in years. ”

The problem that the LTDA is that they believe Uber is an illegal service because it is illegal in London for private vehicles to operate with taximaters, claiming that because Uber allows users to compare rates through the Uber app, they are basically using what they believe to be close enough to a taximeter, despite the fact that Transport for London has already determined that the company doesn’t break the law.

Uber disagreed with that view further down in its blog post stating: “Uber has been fully licensed as a Private Hire Operator since our launch in London nearly two years ago, and we meet all the required private hire regulations. As per the regulations, cars using the Uber platform do not have a taximeter – TFL have confirmed that smart phones used by private hire drivers do not constitute the equipping of a vehicle with a taximeter.”

“As a licensed operator, Uber London accepts the bookings and manages the dispatch of drivers through its dispatch system, monitored and controlled by our local operations team here in London. Thirdly, safety is at the core of what we do. Our technology uses unprecedented safety and accountability measures built right into the app”

As part of their disagreement, the LTDA will be attempting to fight the decision from Transport for London with a demonstration in June, which they hope will cause severe chaos, congestion and confusion accross the city of London in order to fight for a judaical review of Uber.

Source: Uber

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