Today Ubiquiti Labs announced some pretty exciting news if you are a networking nerd like myself.

Ubiquiti are finally launching their AmpliFi HD Mesh Wi-Fi products in the UK, bringing another mesh networking device to the market and expanding the possible products for getting WiFi across your house.

In particular, it delivers 802.11AC WiFi with up to 5.45Gbps of aggregate wireless throughput over 3×3 antennas via a router and as many plug-and-play antennas as you want for a customisable and expandable WiFi connection.

But it isn’t just WiFi, this range of devices also look pretty amazing. The central unit is a small cube like design that features a glowing base and a smart LCF display, which can show stats about your network and just look cool on the side.

Alongside that, there’s a set of adjustable ‘MeshPoints’ that connect to this central unit and can be installed into any electrical socket and will distribute WiFi from that point without the need for a cable going anywhere other than the central unit.

And all of this is also really easy to set up and manage.

The whole system is plug and play and to set it up you simply connect to it using Bluetooth LE and a companion application.

With the app you can manage the 802.11AC WiFi connection, the rest of the network, the guest network, how your family access the internet, and the entire security of the network.

Ben Moore, Vice President of Business Development at Ubiquiti Networks said the following about the launch:

“AmpliFi HD Mesh Wi-Fi solutions quickly gained popularity in the United States due to their sleek industrial design, plug-and-play installation, and superior performance. We are excited to now make them available to customers in the United Kingdom.”

“As our homes get smarter, there’s an increasing need for reliable and fast Wi-Fi in every corner. AmpliFi HD leverages Ubiquiti’s advanced and proven technology that powers over 38 million Wi-Fi radios for enterprise and service provider networks around the globe. The system provides unmatched performance and coverage, delivering fast internet bandwidth throughout the entire home and supports a large number of Wi-Fi devices at the same time.”

You can pick up all of the AmpliFi HD in the UK, the router itself is priced at £149.99, the HD MeshPoints are £132.49 and the entire AmpliFi HD Mesh System is priced at £359.99.

Here are some links:

AmpliFi HD Mesh System

Standalone AmpliFi HD Router

Standalone AmpliFi HD MeshPoint

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