At Ubisoft’s press conference today, they revealed somewhat of a surprise with a brand new IP called Skull & Bones.

This new game will be a shared world, where you will work as a solo pirates or as a team of pirates to become the best pirate in the world. There will be huge worlds to explore in this world and plunder, however, the game won’t simply be a pirate exploring game, it will also have a PvP game mode in which your team of pirates will be put against another team of Pirates, the team with the most loot at the end winds.

And of course, there will be plenty of at-sea fights with massive cannons, battering rams and much more.

Here’s the first trailer that Ubisoft released for the game:

They also explained and showed off more about the multiplayer and PvP with the release of this trailer:

And here’s yet another trailer to explain even more about this new IP:

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