Ubisoft recently posted an advertisement that suggested that The Division was way better than destiny, which they claim to be posted from the gaming website, GameZone.

They should be incredibly ashamed of this advertisement, as it is incredibly misleading.

The Division ad

The quote “The Division blows Destiny out of the water”, is actually from the title of the article “The Division blows Destiny out of the water with 6.4 million beta players“.

Gamezone explained this situation to Kotaku with the following quote:

“[Ubisoft] did ask for permission to use the quote; however, they didn’t specify in what way or form it would be used.”

“I think in the future, in an effort to be more transparent with gamers and our audience, I will ask how the quote will be used and where it will be placed.”

This is an incredibly appalling decision by The Division’s marketing team, The Division should be able to stand up on its own, and we would specifically urge them to remove the advert from anywhere they can do so.

Via: Kotaku

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