Recently a Reddit user decided to hit the service detailing how he contacted the UK Advertising Standards Agency, complaining about how the demo footage for Aliens: Colonial Marrines was misleading and featured inconsistencies when compared to actual gameplay.

The ASA replied to him in a letter, reading: “We contacted Sega Europe to discuss this issue, they explained that their online trailers used demo footage, created using the in-game engine.”

“Sega Europe understood the objections raised about the quality of the game in relation to the trailers, but explained that they weren’t aware of these issues when the trailers were produced, in some cases several months before release.”

This obviously shows that the company have clearly neglected to check it’s finished product before publishing videos as trailers, but they have agreed to make some changes, as detailed further on in the letter:

“Sega Europe acknowledged your objection that the trailers did not accurately reflect the final content of the game, they agreed to add a disclaimer, both on their website and in all relevant Youtube videos, which explains that the trailers depict footage of the demo versions of the game. The disclaimer will be visible when each online trailer is played.”

“On the basis of the advertiser’s written assurance, we have decided to informally uphold your complaint. Basic information, including the advertiser’s name and where the ad appeared, will be published on our website, on 27th March 2012.”

“Our role in cases such as this is to ensure that marketing material isn’t likely to materially mislead the public,” concluding with the statement. “We consider that with this disclaimer in place, customers are unlikely to get the impression that the trailer shows the finished product, and the ads are therefore unlikely to mislead.”

However this is simply the final pitchfork to strike a game that has received a ton of bad press recently, with review scores I doubt many would be proud of.

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