The UK Government has today announced a new deal that should help with their pushes to get the UK mobile carriers to improve coverage throughout the UK, this new deal is with the four major carriers in the UK including EE, Three, Vodafone and O2.

This deal is said to improve overall coverage and reduce any dead spots around the UK.

Shortly after accepting the deal, the four mobile carriers have agreed to invest £5 billion in improving the mobile infrastructure in the UK, which is set to be done by 2017, and with which the carriers also agreed to provide guaranteed voice and text coverage in 90 percent of the UK by the same year, this should result in about a 50% decrease in the areas where there is no coverage currently.

As part of the new deal the carriers also agreed to increase full coverage from 69 to 85 percent by 2017, and will also provide reliable signal strength for voice calls on each type of coverage for 2G, 3G and 4G connections, which should stop issues where you have a signal but cannot make calls.

All of which is pretty impressive, but there’s more, they even managed to make the deal legally binding.

Culture Secretary Sajid Javid said the following about the news:

“I am pleased to have secured a legally binding deal with the four mobile networks. Too many parts of the UK regularly suffer from poor mobile coverage leaving them unable to make calls or send texts.

“Government and businesses have been clear about the importance of mobile connectivity, and improved coverage, so this legally binding agreement will give the UK the world-class mobile phone coverage it needs and deserves. The £5bn investment from the mobile networks in the UK’s infrastructure will help drive this Government’s long-term economic plan.”

You can find out more about the news at the source link below.

Source: UK Government

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