Only started a month and a half ago, NeverSeconds is a blog were a 9-year-old schoolgirl named Martha blogs photos from her school dinner ever day, which received a massive 105,000 views in its first fortnight of launching, and is currently on its way to receiving 3 million hits in and has so far raised over £27,217.00 for the Mary’s Meals charity, mainly due to the masses of donations she has received today alone.

But earlier today the girls local council has told her school to ban Marha’s food blog for unknown reasons, which was revealed in Martha’s message titled “goodbye”:

“This morning in maths I got taken out of class by my head teacher and taken to her office. I was told that I could not take any more photos of my school dinners because of a headline in a newspaper today.

I only write my blog not newspapers and I am sad I am no longer allowed to take photos. I will miss sharing and rating my school dinners and I’ll miss seeing the dinners you send me too. I don’t think I will be able to finish raising enough money for a kitchen for Mary’s Meals either.


Thankfully someone within the Scottish council has seen sense and has lifted the ban on the schoolgirl taking pictures and blogging from her school, which was announced during the BBC Radio 4 The World at One program, where the leader of Argyll and Bute council Roddy McCuish revealed that he has “instructed senior officials to immediately withdraw the ban on pictures from the school dining hall.”

Via [The Verge and Neverseconds]

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