According to a recent report the UK government may be looking to replace some of its vehicles with the Tesla Model S, in a move that will cost them around £5 million to make.

This is according to Tesla, who are stating that the government wants to buy 150 of their Model S EVs in the deal. This will mean that the UK will finally be ahead of the times, well sort of anyway, as China has already swapped around 30% of its fleet for electronic variants.

Costing about £50,000 in the UK, the Tesla Model S would also mean that the government could save a lot of pounds in the long run, due to the fact that the Model S uses Tesla’s free Supercharger’s, they would no longer need to purchase fuel for any of their vehicles.

And on top of that the Tesla Model S can run for about 250 miles from a single charger, which is certain to last a while in the UK.

Source: EnGadget

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