News broke earlier today, that the UK government hope to make the internet a safer place by building a new social network for those who wish to share cyber security secrets  where around 160 private companies have already been invited to in order to share information on the cyber threats they have encountered and has been described as the  “Facebook for cyber security threats.”

However it’s probably unlikely they will achieve the same number of members Facebook currently has, as in order to register you will need high level security clearance.

An official told the telegraph all about the new “fusion cell” (apparently what they are calling it ) in the following statement:

“What the fusion cell will be doing is pulling together a single, richer intelligence picture of what is going on in cyberspace and the threats attacking the UK, what we are trying to do is get that better intelligence picture and push it out to industry in a way that they can take action on, so it is very action-orientated.”

What do you think about this? Is it a good idea? And should other countries jump on the band wagon?

Via: The Telegraph

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