The High Court in the UK has today order ISPs that are offering services in the UK to block their customers from accessing 32 more piracy websites within the UK,

The ISPs include BT, TalkTalk, Virgin, Telefonica and EE, all of whom have this week been ordered to block the sires, some of which are member only sites that have no publicly listed pirated files, making the new ruling quite controversial, and marking the first time a private torrent site has been blocked in the UK.

Out of all of the ISPs the only one to confirm that they are already ready to go ahead is BT, who have already started blocking a section from the 32 new listed sites. We expect that the other ISPs will also follow suit soon.

These new sites include Demonoid, Watchseries, IPTorrents, TorrentDay, IceFilms, Rarbg and few more, all of whom have a millions of visitors a day combined.

This ruling comes after a complaint was filed with the UK High Court by the Motion Picture Association (MPA).

Chris Marcich, President and Managing Director of the MPA, Europe, Middle East and Africa stated the following about the ruling:

“Securing court orders requiring ISPs to block access to illegal websites is an accepted and legitimate measure to tackle online copyright infringement, it carefully targets sites whose sole purpose is to make money off the back of other people’s content while paying nothing back into the legitimate economy”

We expect that this will only be the start however, with a selection of sites that are still viewable in the UK, we expect that these court rulings might come in thick and fast soon enough.

Source: TorrentFreak

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